How to Run and Run a Business – 7… I mean 18 weeks

Each week we are sharing the lessons we learned about how to run and how this translates into running a business. And last week we were served a big lesson as, unfortunately, the Bath Half has been postponed and will now be in May. Over two months later than the previous date. 

So. Well. It was a bit of a blow when we found out the news. We were over halfway through training with the Nike app and running further and further each week with the starting line nearly insight and then…

In previous posts, we mentioned that we had taken on this challenge as after a couple of difficult years we wanted to take on something we could control. However, the news showed us once again that there are times in life when things are taken out of your control. So, what are we going to do about it?

It’s time to move the goal posts.

The change of date obviously moved the goalposts for us, however, it is up to us to move those goalposts in our minds, in our schedule and in our lives. It’s easy to have the mindset that we are back to square one. But, that would be detrimental and unfair to the effort and training we have already put in. 

We must now reevaluate our timelines, our effort each week going forward and our plans towards the new goalposts. And the first step is to plan the first week after the news. 

We shall still continue to run, continue to train and continue to raise funds for our chosen charity. But first, some time to rest and recuperate is required in order to properly adjust our mindset. 

So, has this happened in the business before?

Yes, of course, it has. Recently, it felt as if we had gone back to square one. When looking at our KPI’s and where we are as a business, as it’s not exactly where we thought we would be when we set our goalposts at the beginning of 2021. 

Even though we may have not reached some of the goals we had set out to achieve, it was time for us to reflect and look back on what we had learnt and changed since we first set those goalposts. 

In 2021, we took our employees onto PAYE. Hired our first office-based project manager. Completed the largest design & build projects to date in Selby Landscapes. Invested in a new fleet of vehicles. We have done so much to change the nature of our business, improving processes, customer relations, employee training. And we are a stronger business because of this. We are also, as it happens, stronger runners.

It’s all too easy to only see the finish line, but we must remember to focus on the journey and what we have learnt along the way. Reevaluate and keep going.

So next time your goalposts are moved, or you don’t feel as if you have reached your goal in the timeline you set. Do not be disheartened. This is an opportunity to look at your journey, learn and celebrate what you have achieved. 

Selby Landscapes is running the Bath Half and raising money for the Autistic Girls Network. A great charity raising awareness of autism in girls and giving support to all families who are navigating their way through this world with autism. Many girls with autism go through life being misdiagnosed, diagnosed late in life or missed entirely as we are not aware of the signs, as these are different to boys with autism. Each person who reads up and understands is another person that can help the young girls today, showing support and understanding. 

Please donate via our Crowdfunding page to help us raise money for our chosen charity so they can continue to help support families and young girls.

Dulcie & Sam Selby